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Thursday, October 9th 2014


6:30-8:00 PM



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Diane Valiquette,
Founder of the Separation and Divorce Resource Center Inc.


A self help, 12-week workshop towards healthy relationships

With the Rebuilding Relationships 12 week Workshop you can avoid the high costs associated with traditional methods, and experience life changing results! Learn to understanding and change negative habits that sabotage your relationships. Diane works with you to heal and grow in a safe environment where you are able to get unstuck and move forward.


Find the Answers

Many times when you decide to make a change or embark on a journey like The Rebuilding Relationships Workshop, you have questions, reservations, and insecurities. Read below for more information and frequently asked questions.

Diane is no stranger to the conflict that lives in relationships; she has lived her own relationship nightmare and has found a path to healing and wholeness. She now uses her strength and wisdom to help others cope with their own relationship difficulties.

During her painful journey through lost relationships, single parenthood, and legal battles, Diane discovered that there is hope and that there is a better way. With that inspiration she created what is now The Separation & Divorce Resource Centre (The SDRC); where under one roof, families can access all services necessary while struggling with circumstances of separation, divorce, and general relationship struggles.

The foundation of The SDRC is the Rebuilding Relationships Workshop, because this is where life altering changes occur and where people grow far beyond what they could imagine. The Rebuilding Relationships Workshop is a culmination of all of Diane’s life experiences combined with her training with The Fisher Institute (she was one of the few who had the opportunity to work directly with D. Bruce Fisher). Diane’s true passion lies in helping couples understand how their behavioural patterns are affecting their relationship and empowering people to live their most fulfilling lives. With this knowledge, Diane helps Rebuilding participants to take control of their lives and make positive changes.

In addition to The Rebuilding Workshops, Diane also works as a mediator and provides counselling through separation and divorce. As a divorce coach, Diane’s focus is on helping you make a fresh start and get to the best place for you and your family.

The workshop focuses on who we are in our relationships, why we do the things we do, and how we can empower ourselves to change for the better. It exposes the patterns we exhibit and how we might be sabotaging our own dreams of developing our ideal relationship. The workshop benefits those who are in the process of recovering after the end of a love relationship by offering them answers like what happened and perhaps why it happened. The workshop can also help couples understand their issues, and how to change what it happening so that they can stay together if they choose to. We strive to help you develop your ideal relationship.
This workshop focuses on who you are and what role you play in your own life. It will empower you and help you take control of your own life, your emotions, and your actions. With this information you are able to better your relationship, move on from past relationships, and discover what you want in relationships.
No. This workshop is designed for anyone. Many times the groups are compiled of couples who are struggling within their relationship, those who are recovering from a separation or divorce, and those who are tired or repeating the same patterns over and over. We know that it was feel intimidating knowing there is such a diverse group of people, but Diane focuses on each person individually and within no time you forget the circumstances that brought you all together and you begin to focus on moving forward.
The workshop is 12 weeks in length, held weekly from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.
The cost is $480 + HST and includes all programing materials, a workbook as well as the very poignant full length Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends book by Dr. Bruce Fisher and Dr. Robert Alberti.
The size of the groups ranges from 10 to 18 people. By keeping the groups fairly small and intimate, Diane is able to give everyone the individual attention they deserve. In addition, the groups are a combination or people from all walks as well as all age demographics. All participants have had the opportunity to speak with Diane which allows her the opportunity to make sure that all groups are well assembled.
The sessions are held at our office located at 110 Bearbrook Road, Unit 2B, Ottawa, ON K1B 5R2 in Blackburn Hamlet.
• Are you struggling to find the right partner?
• Do you wonder why you keep attracting the same type of partner over and over?
• Are you in a struggling relationship?
• Are you and your partner repeating arguments?
• Are wondering what happened?
• Are you having trouble letting go of a past relationship?
• Are you struggling with moving forward?
• Do you want to make sure your children don’t repeat your patterns?

If your answer to any of the above is YES then the Rebuilding Relationships Workshop is for you! We encourage anyone who is interested to meet with Diane in order to assess your situation and make sure that Diane is the right person to help you along your journey and that the Rebuilding Relationships Workshop is the best step.

You can register by calling 613-837-9025 or going to the Contact Us page and let us know you want to participate in the Rebuilding Relationships Workshop. In order for you name to remain on the registration list we ask that you provide a $50.00 deposit which can be done by credit or debit at our offices or by mailing a cheque made out to The SDRC to 110 Bearbrook Road Suite 2B, Ottawa, ON K1B 5R2.

It is for you!!

Whether you are single, in a struggling relationship, or just coming out of a relationship focusing on you is always the first step. The Rebuilding Relationships Workshop helps you to discover you Blueprint, which in turn helps you to discover why you do the things you. From there you are able to look at why you choose the partners the partners you, why you are having struggles in your relationship, and work on understanding what happened and letting go.


  • Learn to seek the partner you deserve
  • Understand yourself in relationships
  • Change your patterns in relationships
  • Become clear within yourself to manifest the life you want


  • Understand how your Relationship Blueprint contributes to your relationship struggles
  • Learn where your patterns come from and how to change them
  • Stand in your power and achieve the relationship you desire
  • Find out if your relationship can be saved

Divorce Recovery

  • Understand what happened
  • Let go of anger
  • Get the support you need
  • Move forward from a place of empowerment



“It brought to the surface some of the reasons why my relationships were always dysfunctional, things I had not realized were affecting them. It helped me get out of a relationship that was not working for me, and helped me see what exactly it was I was looking for and needed.

It made me take responsibility for some of the problems in all my relationships, instead of just blaming them on the other person. It was a wonderful experience to be able to talk to others in similar situations without ever feeling judged.”

What are people saying?

The Rebuilding Seminar and the book which is given with this, has changed my life forever. The growth and healing I came out with, by the end, was quite noticeable. I still refer back to parts of the book and the workbook from the seminar. It is a MUST for anyone who is feeling devastated by a broken love relationship.


“I am so happy that my daughter has the chance to be part of your group and to have the opportunity to develop self respect, strength and the courage to give herself what she needs, to know that she it comes from her and not from someone else!”


“Dear Diane You make a difference! Long after the course ends your teachings and support continue in our lives! I find myself often praising you, your Centre and what I’ve learned… I share with those going through it and those gone through it the benefits of SDRC. I first met you in 2006! The participants who I took the course with I am still in touch with today and call friends!! You change lives you bring people together. You make the world better… For all you have done and continue to do a heartfelt ♥thank you.

I am blessed to have met you and think of you as a friend for life! Xo”


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