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Did you know 7 out of 10 people will go through a divorce in their lifetime?

There are many different reasons...

Displeased relaxed couple sitting on sofa after a fight in a houseIt could be that you were both unhappy in your relationship

It could be that you have just had the ultimate unexpected blow to your heart when your partner tells you they are leaving, or they have found someone else.

It could be that your relationship was a constant struggle

Or maybe you are single again and you realize that you have chosen the same partner and faced the same challenges over and over again leaving you feeling incredibly vulnerable and ready for something different.

In each of these situations you feel stuck, afraid, alone and uncertain of where to go.

There are always other people and things to consider. Sometimes there are kids, financial commitments, friendships you have shared, and contractual agreements whether it’s a mortgage or a place you rent together.

When you find yourself in this place where your heart has been broken, you almost feel like it is impossible to recover...

My name is Diane Valiquette...

diane-valiquetteand I have have walked that road. I have helped hundreds of people work through their divorce recovery. 

I understand the conflict that lives in relationships; I have lived my own relationship nightmare and have found a path to healing and wholeness.

I now use my strength and wisdom to help others cope with their own relationship difficulties.

During my painful journey through lost relationships, single parenthood, and legal battles, I discovered that there is hope and that there is a better way. With that inspiration I created what is now The Separation & Divorce Resource Centre (The SDRC); where under one roof, families can access all services necessary while struggling with circumstances of separation, divorce, and general relationship struggles.

The foundation of The SDRC is the Rebuilding Workshop, because this is where life altering changes occur and where people grow far beyond what they could imagine.

The Rebuilding Workshop is a culmination of all of my life experiences combined with my training with The Fisher Institute (I was one of the few people who had the opportunity to work directly with D. Bruce Fisher).

I understand where you are coming from, and I also know that together we can move on and move forward so that you can have the life you have always imagined. 

I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve gone through the heartache of divorce and I have felt the fear of what it takes to give it all up in order to build a better life for myself and my children.

I’ve gone down the path you are on right now.  I have felt the pain and the discomfort you feel.

My life has been dedicated to assessing the needs of others in this situation, coaching, empowering and encouraging you to move forward with the skills you need to pick the right partner in life.

I have studied under Fisher and Alberti, the authors of the best selling book “Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends” as well as Harville Hendriz, author of “Getting the Love You want” and I have designed a unique program that allows you to rebuild your life after a separation or divorce so that you do not make the same mistakes again.

"Before taking this workshop I was broken. I did not know if I could truly move on, if I could ever rebuild myself. I did not know how I could ever get back into a relationship. This workshop not only helped me move past the guilt, hurt and anger that I was feeling but it uplifted me. Diane gave me hope again!"


In the Rebuilding Workshop you will learn...

Understanding of what happened. 

Understanding of how you are feeling, and ways of coping and moving forward.

Love YourselfTo let go of blame and anger.

To love yourself again.

To feel empowered again.

To never make the same mistakes again.



"I just wanted to let you know that since going to your workshop, I have improved my life by taking control of the things I can change. I want you to know how much you helped move forward in a time that I didn't think I could do that. I learned so much more than I thought I would. I am now stringer within myself, I am motivated to life the life I deserve, I have a much better relationship with my children. I am ready to tackle what is coming for me, and I couldn't have done that without Diane and her wonderful workshop. Thank you!!"


The price of the workshop INCLUDES....

    • 12 weeks of instruction in a small classroom setting
    • All course material
    • Access to additional resources
    • 1 FREE Follow-up session with Diane after the completion of the workshop ($150.00 value)

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    The program begins on Thursday November 30, 2017 and this is what you can expect to get from the twelve-week Rebuilding Workshop...

    Week One: Understanding How Relationships are Created

    Get clear about what you need most in order to be happy in your relationship and what you  have been looking for in your relationships. Understanding what you have been searching for in others is the first step to figuring out why you do the things you do and what causes conflict in your relationships.

    Week Two: Learn About Your Personal Blueprint

    Facial portrait of a funny woman face laughingYour personal blueprint is the foundation of how you show up in relationship with others and why you pick the partner you do.  You will understand more about your childhood and the situations in your life that have created your unique blueprint.  There is no one else like you and understanding you is the key to understanding what you are searching for.

    Week Three: Understand and Recognize Denial

    Sad couple mad at each otherDenial is there and it is very real and contributes to breakdown in relationship.  Learn to understand what you are denying yourself and or what your partner has denied to you. Understanding denial is an empowering step on the journey to building yourself back up.

    Week Four: Stop the Blame Game

    Start taking personal responsibility for your life and your relationships.  Whether you realize it or not, you are blaming others or rationalizing why you have had relationships challenges. Learn powerful tools and tactics to stop blaming, take responsibility and stand in your own power.

    Ready to Make a Change and Rebuild YOUR Life?
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    Week Five: Understand the Role You Play

    young african couple having conflictAre you a villain, victim, or a rescuer? Understanding the role you played and still play will help you understand what happened in your relationship and will help you not make the same mistakes in the future.  Most people play a role and are not even aware of the behaviour tied to this role and the impact it makes on your life.

    Week Six: Thoughts, Words, and Actions

    Portrait of upset young couple sitting seperately in the bedroomYour thoughts become words, and your words become action. Understand how your self-talk and your communication contributed to your relationship. Learn to change your thoughts and the self-talk that is sabotaging you.

    Week Seven: Listen to Your Body

    young man at balcony in depression suffering emotional crisisRecognizing and understanding the signs your body gives you when you feel triggered by something that happens.  Your body will give you clues as to what you are feeling based on how you feel and recognizing those clues is the first part to healing those feelings.

    Week Eight: Understand Your Core Beliefs

    Gain clarity around your core beliefs and how those beliefs limit you in your relationship.  You will learn to recognize the limiting beliefs that are running your life silently in the background. Recognizing and changing beliefs is a powerful experience.

    I'm Ready to Make the Change and Make a Difference in My Own Life!

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    Week Nine: Release Grief and Shame from Childhood Experiences

    Family problemsYou have wounds from childhood even if you think you had a perfect upbringing. Those wounds are in your subconscious and did/are contributing to your relationships today as an adult. Healing these wounds will help you to release grief and shame and to feel more hopeful and happy in life.

    Week Ten: Let It Go

    woman-freeLearn how to let go of the things and thoughts that are holding you back because, when can’t let go, you can't move forward. Letting go allows you to stop the resentment you feel so you can move forward in your life, relationship and future.

    Week Eleven: Understand Love, Trust, and Core Values


    List-of-Core-ValuesWhen your trust and core values are not in alignment, your relationship will struggle. Knowing what your core values are is important because this is the basis of how you live your life and what is important to you.

    Week Twelve: Create Your Roadmap


    roadPut everything you have learned together to create a Roadmap for yourself. This final week will prepare you to move forward in your life, maintain your empowerment, and achieve the life you have always wanted.

    I Guarantee That During These Twelve Weeks...

    Mixed-Race Couple Holding HandsYou will create for yourself incredible insights to help you on your path to healing and creating healthy, happy  life.

    The skills you learn in the Rebuilding Workshop will serve you for many years to come if you are prepared to do the work that is required to heal yourself and your life.

    This workshop is held live each week in Ottawa for a total of twelve weeks.  Space is limited to a maximum of 16 people.  If your heart is telling you that now is your time, please reserve your space today.

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    P.S. Your life doesn’t have to feel like it does right now.  You can have a happy and fulfilling life.  Are you ready?

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    12 Weeks for Just $525!

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    The workshop will take place at 6:30 pm at 400-260 Hearst Way, Kanata, Ontario

    Call (613) 837-9025 or email for more information

    "You make a difference! Long after the course ends, your teachings and support continue in our lives! I find myself often praising you, your Centre and what I’ve learned… I share with those going through it and those gone through it the benefits of SDRC. I first met you in 2006! The participants who I took the course with I am still in touch with today and call friends!! You change lives you bring people together. You make the world better… For all you have done and continue to do a heartfelt ♥thank you. I am blessed to have met you and think of you as a friend for life! Xo"


    "The Rebuilding Seminar and the book which is given with this, has changed my life forever. The growth and healing I came out with, by the end, was quite noticeable. I still refer back to parts of the book and the workbook from the seminar. It is a MUST for anyone who is feeling devastated by a broken love relationship."